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The Soil to Society (S₂S) Summer Research Program is an internship opportunity for motivated high school students to experience hands-on laboratory experience with a research team. Students will work in the agricultural and human health fields with leaders in research.

A student taking notes on a laptop during a lecture.

This curriculum will organize students into interdisciplinary teams representing the research involved in this project. Students will move between their interdisciplinary teams to collect information and develop solutions.

A person working on their laptop in front of a window.

To more broadly increase teachers’ knowledge related to agriculture and their likelihood to implement the curriculum, educational personnel will develop and deliver in-person workshops at regional and national teacher workshops and conferences.


Viva Farms and the Extension Team have implemented programs educating farmers on grain production, selling products to diverse markets within the community, and partnering with local farm to school programs to integrate the education, school garden, and food service components.

A hand holding a bundle of heads of wheat.

Peer-reviewed WSU Extension Bulletins and Fact Sheets have been developed for best crop and soil management practices and crop varietal options, along with enterprise budgets and economic decision support tools.

A group of people mixing food in a bowl.

Hands-on demonstrations of the ingredient functionalities and product development are available through project workshops.  Additional outreach activities will be conducted through the offering of four-day boot camps on the WSU Pullman Campus.

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