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Evaluating relationships between seed morphological traits and seed dormancy in Chenopodium quinoa Willd.
by Emma Mcginty, Evan Craine, Nathan Miller, Cristina Ocana-Gallegos, Edgar Spalding, Kevin Murphy, Amber Hauvermale

The motivation for writing and carrying out these scientific studies is for the benefit of the community. Quinoa, like many other cereals and pseudocereals, is experiencing a phenomenon called pre-harvest sprout (PHS). While dormancy screening and phenetic modeling approaches do not provide a direct solution to preventing PHS in quinoa, they do provide new tools for identifying dormant varieties as well as morphological variables contributing to seed dormancy. We hope this paper provides a solution and a forward direction for future work, as we need to understand this phenomenon and the mechanisms behind it.

Developing a definition of biofortification through the synthesis of food biofortification publications: a scoping review protocol
by Julianne Kellogg, Emily 
Klarquist, Aichatou Waziri, David Luftig, Franck Carbonero, Patrick Solverson, Martine Perrigue, Destan Aytekin, Jenny Walton, Kim Garland-Campbell, Kevin M Murphy

The article is a protocol for a proposed scoping review. The proposed review would develop a definition of biofortification through the synthesis of food biofortification publications and would document the breadth of the research on biofortification.

The diversity of quinoa morphological traits and seed metabolic composition
by Iman Tabatabaei, Saleh Alseekh, Mohammad Shahid, Ewa Leniak, Mateusz Wagner, Henda Mahmoudi, Sumitha Thushar, Alisdair Fernie, Kevin Murphy, Sandra Schmöckel, Mark Tester, Bernd Mueller-Roeber, Aleksandra Skirycz & Salma Balazadeh 

Different breeding lines of quinoa significantly influence the quality of baked cookies and cooked grains
by Elizabeth Nalbandian, Ewa Pietrysiak, Kevin M. Murphy, Girish M. Ganjyal

A comprehensive characterization of agronomic and end-use quality phenotypes across a quinoa world core collection
by Evan B. Craine1 Alathea Davies, Daniel Packer, Nathan Miller, Sandra 
Schmöckel, Edgar Spalding, Mark Tester, Kevin Murphy

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